Memorial Garden and Community Orchard

In 2014 the Parish Council created a Memorial Garden and Community Orchard as a place of peace and remembrance to mark the centenary of the start of the 1914 – 1918 Great War and as a memorial to the villagers who fought in that conflict, not all of whom returned.


A list of all those who fell is displayed in the knaves of St. Mary’s Burston and St. George’s Shimpling.


In 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War a wild flower bed was created at the west end of the Orchard and a plaque erected to honour those who served.

Please take time to wonder through the Orchard or sit a while on the memorial bench to enjoy this tranquil space.



This sign shows the types of trees in the Orchard and is near the bench.




In November 2019 a more formal memorial to the men of Burston who fell has been erected on Church Green by the flag pole. There are further details here  Burston War Memorial