Burston and Shimpling Parish Council policies are reviewed annually and currently include:

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Village Green Statement

In response to various comments that have been made publicly regarding the signage on the Village Green along with the Parish Councils request not to park on the green, the following information should be taken into account. As the new sign on the green clearly sets out current DEFRA regulations state that parking on Village Greens is prohibited and we are therefore required to follow these regulations. The organisers of the Community Kitchen were advised of this before any signs were installed with a request that parking should be limited to the Strike School parking area. However the parking on the green continued and therefore the parish council had no alternative but to install measures to prevent this continued parking. It was felt that relocating the parish councils information board from land belonging to the Strike School onto land belonging to the parish council was an unobtrusive measure to indicated that parking was not allowed, likewise the installation of a new sign which also gives some history of the village green. The bench was moved as it was very rarely used  in its previous location.  During the winter months any parking on the village green will likely cause damage to the surface if it occurs on a regular basis. The Parish Council has no wish to interfere with the ongoing  operation of the Community Kitchen hence why the matter was initially raised with the organisers. The Parish Council believes there is adequate parking available adjacent to and behind the Strike School for visitors and where a designated disabled parking space could be identified giving direct access to the front door.