Walks – North of Shimpling

A Walk from the Edge of Shimpling Northwards – 3.5KM/2M – OS Explorer Map 230

A lovely stroll on broad tracks taking in parts of the Boudicca Way which tops and tails this walk.

Map showing route of walkStart where the Boudicca Way joins Moor Road which links the Dickleborough Road from Shimpling with the A140 Norwich Road (map ref TM 165836). There is limited parking space off the road by the footbridge.
Cross the footbridge taking the Boudicca Way path back into the woodland and follow this for approx 300m to an open area where a wide bridleway crosses the Boudicca Way.

Turn right here on to the wide track (marked as Broad Way on map) and continue northwards between field hedges heading to a copse in the distance. The path narrows here as you enter the undergrowth with a ditch on your left. The path is narrow and can be somewhat overgrown in the summer.

Photo of junction of path


Emerge from the copse on to a grass path coming to a junction with a path entering from private land on the right.


Bear slightly left here to take the path north with a crop field to right following the row of telegraph poles which disappear into the distance.

Photo showing cross field marker Keep to this grass path to a arrive at a junction with a private path running left alongside wooded area. There is a NCC Crossfield Path sign here designating the path north across the crop field as a public right of way.


Follow the path with the line of telegraph poles running alongside;Photo showing route across a field


the path narrows after a while and then bears right at the fourth telegraph pole finally linking into a gravelled farm access track. Take the track straight on past a private path on your right until finally coming to a triangular junction with two country lanes.

Photo showing junction with Boudicca's WayThere is a sign on the grassed island indicating the Boudicca Way Long Distance path.

Bear right hear on to a wide farm track which is the Boudicca Way heading south back to Shimpling.


After approx. 750m join the lane (Moor Road) turning right to head back to the start point in the distance.

Happy walking, keep to the footpaths, don’t pick any wildflowers and clear up after your four legged friend, others will follow and want to enjoy the countryside as hopefully you have done.