Litter Pick – Spring 2022


South Norfolk’s strap line was ‘Bin a Bag’… we collected 20 full bags on Saturday 26th March. Most of the litter accumulates on the main access roads, Durbidge Hill Burston, Audley End towards Thelveton and both Moor Road and Dickleborough Road Shimpling. I think it is a fair assumption that our villages suffer from being a through route towards the A140.

large pile of collect rubbish bags under a tree

The photos show what six months accumulation of drink cans and bottles, crisp packets, sandwich wrappers, costa coffee cups (other brands also evident) amount to.large pile of collect rubbish under a tree

The only positive I can take from this litter pick is that having a purge on the ditches has made it easier to collect the litter. We were slightly earlier this year, so the verges hadn’t grown as much.


The bagged rubbish awaits collection by the council waste department on Church Green.



A staggering number of wine bottles were gathered, mostly intact – Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay are favoured by the way. However, dog walkers and horse riders should be wary of broken glass along the verges out of Shimpling.

pile of fy tipped rubbish



Fly tipping in Back Lane happened sometime between late Tuesday and Friday. This has been reported.


Opposite Manor House Farm some vinyl flooring had very recently been dumped on the verge.


group on Church Green preparing to go litter picking


Many, many thanks are due to the volunteers who helped today. Tim, Isobel and Kiera, Ruth and Steve, Linda and Sue, Ralph, Jane and Brian, Fausto and Suzi, Sue, Robin and Eileen, Tony, Keith and Ruth, Nigel, Alison.

Our villages are beautiful places to live. We have wonderful footpaths giving easy access to countryside walks and links with villages further afield. The spring litter pick which took place on a warm, bright morning has made sure locals and visitors can enjoy the area looking its best.

Angela Belgrove
Litter Pick Organiser
Burston & Shimpling Parish Council.


Thank you for your valued support.