Litter Pick

coolect litter in bags

Our Spring Litter Pick event took place on Saturday 5th June tying in with the Keep Britain Tidy ‘Pledge a Million Miles’ Campaign. We contributed dozens of miles thanks to the band of volunteers who turned out on the day or during the week if they had prior commitments.
These included: Andrew who completed the loop between Gissing Road and Mill Green, Sue new to the village, who returned to Mill Road with a fishing net to scoop cans from the ditch that she couldn’t reach with her pick stick, Juan who carried a large tyre, Mike who found a spade and Isaac and Edward who returned many balls from the playing field back into the school playground where they belonged. Thanks go to the many other adults and children who took part: Yvonne, Lucy, Josie and Tom, Poppy and James, Suzi, Lee and Juliet, Jane and Brian, Christine, Tim and Isobel, Eileen and Robin, Alison, Lindsey, Chris, Tony, Nigel and Keith. Between them a considerable number of bags filled with litter were left on Church Green awaiting collection by the council.
It is clear that many of you keep your own frontage, curb side or Close free from litter on a regular basis. Also, many of you litter pick when out for a walk. For this the Parish Council is extremely grateful. It makes Burston and Shimpling a pleasant place to live.
The children of Burston Primary School completed posters for the event which were displayed on the day at the muster point on Church Green.

There is a gallery of all the posters here:  Gallery


Their message is clear, do not litter it causes a hazard to wildlife and is unpleasant.


The next villages Litter Pick date for your diary is Saturday 9th October 2021, see you all then.