Recreation Ground – Summer update

Over the last few weekends, a team of volunteers have been mowing the wildflower meadow, part in preparation for the delivery of a batch of green hay generously donated by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. This will bring some diversity of wildflowers into the meadow and help develop the area into an interesting environment.


This team of volunteers used traditional scything methods to cut the grass which was then raked up again using traditional hay rakes and moved off the meadow.



To see them in action please watch the video


There are still have some sections to deal with, but the existing flowers need to drop their seeds before we can attack those areas.


Another part of the recreation ground that has seen some activity is by the children’s play area where a new outdoor classroom/pavilion has been erected for use by the school and the community. This has been supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.



This has already seen action at the school’s sports day where prize giving took place within the pavilion. Hopefully soon we shall have an official opening ceremony and we shall see more and more use made of the facility. Here are some photos of the volunteers in action and the children at their sports day awards.



Thank you to all the volunteer helpers and to  Keith, Angela and Rosemarybb for the photos and video.