Emergency Coordinator

Emergency Coordinator: Mike Warwick
Phone: 01379 741945 Email: mike@burstonandshimpling.org.uk


It seems inevitable that the virus will reach our villages soon and Central Government have already made it clear that they will impose a house quarantine on all residents aged 70 or over. It will be necessary for younger folk to help them by bringing in food and other essential items.
If you are aged 70 or over please can you tell our emergency coordinator, giving your name, age, address, phone and email address (if you have one) also indicating if you have family, friends or neighbours who will bring in supplies for you. Please make it clear if you do NOT have such a support network.
If you are younger, and are willing to befriend and assist some older residents to help at this critical time please again let the emergency coordinator have your full details.
Please keep your eyes open and look out for your neighbours in the coming weeks, and if you do see any problems please tell the emergency coordinator.