Crown Green – Playing Field Project

April – Update

diagram of proposed new areas of the playing field
Plan of proposals for the Playing Field

In the first report on the playing field scheme, we set out our plans to re-purpose the area by introducing an all-weather footpath, undertaking major tree planting, creating a wildflower meadow, providing a new 7 aside football pitch and installing additional park benches and a fitness trail facility. This is an extremely ambitious scheme being undertaken by the Parish Council, one which requires both extensive funding and enthusiastic volunteering efforts.

Fortunately, we have now secured nearly 90% of the necessary funding for the scheme from a number of charities which will allow the project to commence in the next few months. The charities who have so generously awarded the parish council funding for this project are the Norfolk County Council’s Parish Partnership Scheme for new public footpaths, the National Lottery for the footpath, benches, goal posts and fitness trail equipment, Saffron Housing Trust for benches and fitness trail equipment, The Geoffrey Watling Charity also for the footpath works. We, the parish council, are extremely grateful to these organisations for these funding awards which demonstrate how much these charities value communities and initiatives to improve the wellbeing of community residents.

The first action in our re-purposing scheme will be to commence the installation of the all-weather footpath around the playing field as shown on the accompanying plan, this will take a few weeks to be completed during which we plan to create the new 7 aside football pitch and start to install new benches. The fitness trail equipment will follow on behind the footpath works which will provide year-round access so that using this equipment can be an everyday activity. Finally, later in the year we shall undertake the major tree planting works within the field and create the wildflower meadow area.

At various stages as circumstances allow, we plan to hold publicity events whereby as many residents of all ages will be encouraged to participate in the creation of this new facility in the centre of Burston. Please look out for dates on the website for when these events are planned.

Once again thanks to all the charities that have so far contributed to this scheme and to the efforts of the working group, the support of the parish council and encouragement of many residents.


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