Crown Green – Playing Field Project

diagram of proposed new areas of the playing field
Plan of proposals for the Playing Field

A scheme to re-purpose the existing playing field by introducing an all-weather footpath, wooded areas, wildflower meadow, 7-aside football pitch, additional park benches and potentially a fitness trail.

Currently the area consists of a full-size football pitch (unused for competitive football for many years), a children’s play area, a BMX track and small community orchard. Our aim is to make the whole area more accessible to a wider range of the community especially wheelchair users, young parents with buggies and older residents with mobility issues. We want to introduce more bio-diversity into a fairly sterile area and to encourage greater engagement from the village community.

We believe this scheme will benefit more residents over a greater age range than presently achieved in the playing field. We are hopeful that the new wooded and meadow areas will encourage the local school to undertake a variety of wildlife projects thereby enhancing their environmental appreciation and awareness of the newly created bio-diverse areas.

We want to introduce into the area more outdoor activities for all ages to engage in low level exercise.

Our proposals have and will continue to be published to the community to seek comment and support which is already being received. Our aim is to involve as many local residents and volunteers as possible in both the implementation and ongoing management of the area.

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