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Illuminating Burston Station's History

One of very few photographs of the old Burston Station, this one taken in 1922. Reproduced from “Great Eastern in Town & Country” with the kind permission of Irwell Press.
Rather sadly, Burston Station seems to have had very little of its history recorded. We know that it was opened in 1849 and was the terminus from London (97½ miles) for five months until the line to Norwich was completed. The station closed in November 1966 after being condemned by Dr Beeching’s report.At least until the 1920s, the booking hall was a modest-looking
wooden building with two brick platforms. It had a goods shed behind it (on the up platform), a signal box and lamp room next to the level crossing and a small cottage between the railway line and the stationmaster’s house. There were two sidings on the site, one parallel to the tracks running through the goods shed, the other running alongside two coal sheds and stopping in front of the granary. None of these exist now. At the end of July, one of the station’s 32” oil lamps found its way into a specialist railway auction in Nottingham, and interestingly, it was the first Burston item that they’ve been asked to sell. When the station was photographed in 1922, it had at least six of these lamps: two were on the goods shed, one on the corner of the station and the others on posts. We’re not sure which was being sold but
“Burston” was clearly etched onto one of the glass panels and on the metal casing. Unfortunately, the lamp vessel was from Finningham (it was common to have the vessels swapped when lamps were maintained) but was otherwise genuine Burstonorama. Bidding for the lamp stopped at £200 – so despite my enthusiasm,it didn’t make its reserve. It’s since been advertised elsewhere, including eBay, with an asking price of £280. Richard Carter

Author: Parish Planet, Autumn 2011
Uploaded: 12 February 2016

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