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You might think that over the holiday period the Parish Council has nothing to do…..but this year at least you would be wrong! There are many things that have been ‘on the boil’ and that have been requiring our attention.
Piers Bilston resigned from the Council and we thank him for his contribution over the past two years. By the time you read this we hope to have co-opted a new councillor so that we remain at the full strength of seven councillors.
We have negotiated with potential funders to enable us to take action to drain the BMX track on the playing field, and we now have £1,000 from South Norfolk Council and the Adnams Charity. We hope to receive another contribution from Sport England so we can start work in the autumn. The BMX track was installed a few years ago but has been greatly improved by the young people who use it. However, when it rains the dips flood and it is then un-useable until it dries out. The proposed drainage should solve that problem.
Among the usual planning applications to consider, one application in particular has taken up some time as some residents have been filing objections. The council has had to consider all of the resident’s points when preparing and filing its own comments. This application will now be considered by the planning committee of S N Council, and the Parish Council will have an opportunity to speak.
Feelings are mixed in Burston over the coming Sewerage project. This will enable homes in the village that have septic tanks/cesspits to be connected to a ‘proper’ mains sewer which will minimise the risk of pollution of groundwater but the works will cause road closures over a number of months with the first road closure starting on 11th September. Councillors have attended several meetings with Anglian Water to try and ensure that the impact on the village is as manageable as possible, but it is clear that there will be lots of inconvenience over the coming months.
There are also mixed feelings in the village about the Strike Rally. The event is over for another year, but in the weeks before the rally the Council talked with the Unite union, who organise the event, to ensure that the event causes the minimum of disruption. As in previous years there was an allocated field for car parking and as in the last two years there were an enhanced number of marshals to ensure that there was no problem parking by visitors. The event was well organised and while it is true that there was some noise in the region of Church Green during the day, and the roads on ‘the candlestick’ were impassable during the march, the event did benefit the Friends of Burston School, who ran the refreshment tent, The Crown, who ran the beer tent, and the Parish Council who receive a donation from the organisers for the use of Church Green. The Green is always left in an immaculate condition. I did publicise my mobile phone number to many so anyone with a complaint could raise it immediately, but my phone did not ring – from which I deduce that the inconvenience caused by the rally was acceptable and not a real problem. Please call me if you disagree.

Author: Nigel Frankland
Uploaded: 07 October 2017

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