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In the past three months there has been a lot going on in the Parish Council, but not much to show for it in the outside world! Piers Bilston resigned from the Council and was thanked for his service, and Keith Cowley has been co-opted as a new member so that we maintain our full strength of seven councillors. We are fortunate in this as many nearby parishes are under strength.
We have been exploring all sorts of possibilities. I mentioned last time the drainage of the BMX track and that project is proceeding, and we have been taking steps to institute a ‘speedwatch’ in the village, and the installation of illuminating speed signs to tackle the problem of speeding that is frequently brought to our attention. We have been liaising with Anglian Water, with mixed degrees of success, regarding the sewerage works and the road closures. ( If you have particular problems with the sewerage works please let me know...) The play equipment has had its annual safety inspection ( in addition to the checks that are carried out each week by the village caretaker). We are taking steps to bring the Parish Emergency Plan up to date with a new co-ordinator. Behind the scenes a lot has been happening!
Clare Cowan has resigned as Tree Warden and we thank her for her work. Lindsey Bilston is taking on this task.

Can I close by wishing you and your families a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Author: Nigel Frankland
Uploaded: 03 December 2017

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