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High Speed Broadband for Rural Norfolk

Broadband for Rural Norfolk (B4RN) is now a regional office of Broadband for the Rural North and has been renamed B4RN East Anglia to better reflect the area of coverage with more information here.

If you are interested please register that interest (with no obligation at this stage) on the B4RN East Anglia website.

B4RN are also opening four funding chests in East Anglia for those that wish to invest in B4RN to make affordable hyperfast broadband a reality.
The first communities and funding chest are as follows:
Thelveton 101
We are undertaking a pilot project of 101 houses, being 100% of the properties in Billingford, Thelveton and Upper Street which are in the civil parish of Scole as defined in Summer 2016. This is Thelveton route 1.
For the pilot project to go ahead, we need to raise £124,215. We expect to raise most of the money from the residents in this area however anyone may invest in this project if they so wish. We won’t commence a build-out in any other areas until the funds for this pilot project are raised and work is well progressed.
To allocate funds for this project, please indicate “Thelveton 101” on the shares application form.
Shimpling Route 1
Shimpling route 1 connects all 67 properties to the East of the railway line in Burston & Shimpling CP, plus 5 properties to the West of the A140 between Thelveton and Shimpling. The estimated cost is £82,500.
To allocate funds for this project, please indicate “Shimpling & Burston CP” on the shares application form.
Gissing routes connect all 130 properties in Gissing CP. Estimated cost is £200,000.
To allocate funds for this project, please indicate “Gissing CP” on the shares application form.
East Anglia
Alternatively, you may allocate funds for East Anglia. This will allow us to direct your funds to whichever project, combination of projects or other related activity in East Anglia that will have the most impact in accelerating the network build-out.
To allocate funds for East Anglia at large, please indicate “East Anglia” on the shares application form.
Enterprise Investment Scheme
More information about the Enterprise Investment Scheme and those that are eligible is provided in the shares prospectus and is also available from the website. Don’t forget to tick the EIS box on the shares application form if you wish to receive a certificate to claim EIS tax relief.
Application forms & shares prospectus
Application forms and the shares prospectus are available to download from the Investor tab on the Resources page of the B4RN website or by emailing info.
If you wish to split your investment between several communities (as outlined in the propectus), or between a community and general funds, please fill in an individual shares application form for each.

If you wish to help with this project or have any other queries please contact Jane Fishwick or Alison Wakeham

Burston and Shimpling Steering Group

Author: Burston & Shimpling Steering Group
Uploaded: 27 September 2017

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