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B4RN - Try out the fastest rural internet in East

Scole Community Centre has been connected to this new network - so give it a try! Friday evenings 7 to 10 pm.

Poster for Scole Community Centre - try fast broadband evenings

For those who may not know the B4RN ultra high-speed broadband project is an initiative to bring ultra-high speed fibre optic broadband service to rural areas. It is run by the community for the community with future profits promised to go back into the community and with a stated aim to provide broadband speeds of 1000Mbps by bringing a fibre optic cable into your house for a proposed 150 connection fee plus 30 per month.
Why did the B4RN initiative come about? Well if you use the internet on a regular basis because your children need to do school work, you work or run a business from home or need to do online shopping then you will require an internet service that is readily available, reliable, speedy and affordable, something the current broadband service struggles to achieve. In future such things as doctors, dentists and hospital appointments, dealing with banks and utility companies will increasingly be done online which the existing services will struggle to accommodate. B4RN aims to remedy this by introducing ultra high-speed broadband services. Go to for more details.

The Parish Council supports the concept of better broadband services to the villages either by upgrading the existing network or by new service providers. For further information on the B4RN project contact Jane Fishwick who is the local champion for the B4RN initiative at Jane Fishwick and head the email B4RN.

Author: Burston & Shimpling Steering Group
Uploaded: 09 April 2018

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