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Community Speed Watch
31 December 2019

At a Burston and Shimpling Parish Council meeting earlier in the year one of the main concerns was traffic speeding through the villages.

The Parish Council have looked into options and one of the most effective is Community Speed Watch which is a scheme where the community can be empowered to assist Norfolk Constabulary by conducting speed checks within their village to educate and reduce speed. This is your opportunity to join with others and do something positive about the concerns which have been raised.

The set up is a three step process:-

Step 1 – Each volunteer (and there needs to be a minimum of 6) is required to complete two application forms, which will then be returned to Janet Overton who co-ordinates the CSW on behalf of Norfolk Constabulary. The application forms will then be processed through the vetting/CRB checks and when the results known Janet will contact the team coordinator. The team coordinators role is to be Janet's point of contact, and also to store the equipment safely, work out the rota’s for the team, and send in the results

Step 2 – Janet will then contact the coordinator to come out and meet with them to carry out the risk assessments for the sites from which the team wish to monitor, which in our villages would be the 30mph speed limit areas. Once the sites are agreed Janet will then type up a site sheet and forward this to the team coordinator so they may distribute to the team.

Step 3 – Team members will be required to attend training. The full training takes about two and a half hours, and once completed the equipment is handed over to the coordinator and the team is free to set its own schedule of monitoring.

A Community Speed Watch leaflet is available either in hard copy, or electronically should anyone wish for more details before committing. Community Speed Watch Website

If you are interested in joining, or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07793041577 or

Author: Jim Rudd
Uploaded: 07 October 2017

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