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Community Heating Oil Bulk Buying Scheme

Does your new home have oil fired heating? If so, you may be interested in our Bulk Buying Scheme.
Heating oil is funny stuff. The price per litre changes from day to day, and the price does depend on how much you want. The price for 500 litres is always 2 or 3 p more per litre than for 2000 litres.
Burston and Shimpling have life membership of a scheme run by the charity Norfolk Rural Community Council which is now called Community Action Norfolk, and AF Affinity, which was set up by a group of East Anglian Farmers as a bulk purchasing organisation. As a resident of Burston or Shimpling you can join the scheme by completing and sending off a form. Link to Scheme Information and online form

Link to the Scheme Details in pdf format

You can then order oil by telephoning 01603881888 at any time. Because the scheme buys in bulk, you will usually get an extremely good price.
HOWEVER, at the beginning of each month they organise a syndicate. You can phone and place an order on the first working day of each month. All of the orders are collated and then Affinity negotiate with suppliers to get the best possible price. The oil is usually delivered within three weeks, and it often takes another three weeks for them to collect the money on the direct debit. Because the order is usually huge they tend to get a very good price.
However much, or little (minimum order 500 litres) you order, you will pay the same price per litre, so if you only have a small tank you are guaranteed a saving.
If you do join the group, please can you let me know! (and let me have your email address)...and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
Nigel Frankland. Bell Cottage, Back Lane, Burston IP22 5TT. 01379644788

Author: Nigel Frankland
Uploaded: 26 April 2017

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