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Burston House Hospital News

In our last article we mentioned that we were in the process of developing a bird watching course and practical skills course. Well, I am pleased to say that the practical skills course is currently being run with a patient leading the weekly session. They will practice different skills along the way and know how to plan, prepare and construct a specific item. Our bird watching course has come to an end. It lasted for six weeks, during which patients learned about ten common British garden birds, such as the blackbird, robin, blue tit and house martin, before going out to spot them. There were good comments all round.
In August we had our traditional summer barbecue as planned; burgers, hotdogs and ice cream galore. Thankfully the weather was on our side, it was a bright and warm day. You may have even been able to smell the aroma of our cooking.
We held our annual awards ceremony on the 18th August. We recognised the achievements of sixteen patients, between them they received twenty three certificates. Afterwards, we had a small selection of sandwiches, cakes and drinks to celebrate.
In September, we held an application form workshop and interview workshop for those patients that had applied for the kitchen cleaner Real Work Opportunity at Burston House. We then went on to offer four interviews, from which two patients were offered the two vacant positions. They were very happy.
A few weeks ago there were spooky goings on at the hospital, which funnily coincided with Halloween. We had scary faces carved in to pumpkins, disastrous ghost meringues (partly because we were given hard boiled eggs by mistake), quiztacular questions and even Dracula. Patients and staff particularly enjoyed the quiz, with one team really getting in to the spirit of Halloween and naming themselves “Boney M”. The results were very close, the top three teams received 46, 44 and 43 points respectively.

Looking forward……We now have Christmas crafts, cooking, bingo, karaoke and parties to plan.
See you in the next edition of Parish Planet, where I’m sure we’ll tell you all about it.

Author: Burston House Hospital
Uploaded: 03 December 2017

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