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Burston House Hospital News

We have had a successful few months at the hospital, which began with the start of our Recovery College whereby patients lead a course, consisting of six sessions, to teach their peers. The three courses on offer were Sign Language, Cooking from Scratch and Art.
In March we held a charity event for Comic Relief. The patients and staff enjoyed a bake sale, fun games and a Talent Show. The Talent Show, “Burston’s Got Talent”, was the highlight for most. The majority of entrants chose to sing, with a handful choreographing a dance routine. Professional audio equipment was hired to make the event as successful as possible. I wonder whether any of the village residents could hear us?

Over the next couple of months the patients will be working towards achieving OCR qualifications in a range of areas, including Education, Practical Skills and Cooking. They will receive nationally recognised certificates, which they can then take forward with them to demonstrate their skills and abilities.
We are also hoping to offer some art work to an exhibition due to be displayed at The Cornhall in Diss throughout June and July. The theme of the exhibition is “birds”.Owl This can include photographs, paintings, sketches, models and such like. The patients are already underway with their projects.

Author: Sam Hogg Basic Skills Teacher at Burston House Hos
Uploaded: 21 June 2017

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