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Burston and Shimpling Parish Council

So who are the Parish Councillors? We've put together a brief profile of the key people below.

Parish councils rely on local residents to volunteer to stand as councillors. Most people become parish councillors because they want to improve the local environment and the quality of life in the area, and gain the satisfaction that comes with making a difference locally.

You don't need to be an elected councillor to hep out though. There are many volunteers who have invested a lot of time working on the Parish Plan and its implementation. Please get in touch with the Clerk or any of the councillors below if there are areas of village life that you'd like to get more involved in.

Nigel Frankland Chairman: Nigel Frankland
My wife, Jan, fell in love with the view across the fields from Bell Cottage the first time she saw it. We were looking for a weekend hide-away, to escape from busy lives as a Patent Attorney in private practice in London, and a lecturer in Nutrition and Cookery at a College of Further Education, with four late-teens and early twenties children filling our home with their friends and music. That was nearly twenty years ago, and now we are both retired we enjoy living in Burston and playing an active role in the community. I initiated the Burston Oil Group, an oil-buying syndicate that saved members about £30 each year, which has now become part of a county-wide scheme. I was treasurer of the Community Action Team, and now I am Chairman. I joined the Parish Council in 2013, and took a major part in the project for refurbishing the play equipment on the playing field, and the provision of the new equipment, before becoming Chairman of the Parish Council in 2015.

Telephone: 01379 644788

Alison Wakeham Vice-Chair: Alison Wakeham
I moved to Shimpling from Hertfordshire in 1988, and have now retired.

I have enjoyed bird watching and wildlife since I was a child so particularly wanted to be based in East Anglia, as it has such a rich avifauna. It is especially nice to be able to walk the footpaths and Green Lanes around the Parish.

Itís a pleasure to live in such rural surroundings and Iíve joined the Parish Council to support shaping the future of the area, so that others may also enjoy living here in years to come.

Telephone: 01379 741500

Ann Baker Clerk: Ann Baker
The postal address for the Parish Council is via the Clerk, Ann Baker at 'Ganders' Langmere Road Rushall Diss IP21 4QB

Telephone: 01379 742937

Councillor: Keith Cowley


Jim Rudd Councillor: Jim Rudd
When all of our children had grown up and moved away, Karen and myself decided to move to Home Farm in 2014, and together with our 2 dogs and cat, have always felt welcomed into the village of Burston. Since we have moved we have assisted with the cooking at the village BBQ, run stalls at the fun day, and helped the school at the Strike Rally; as well as attending many other local events such a Safari Supper, St Georges event, Jubilee party, open gardens, etc.

Prior to joining as a Councillor, I have assisted the Parish Council with the proposed improvements to the drainage of the BMX track, which will hopefully progress shortly. I also attend the regular meetings with the Highways Authority at the Mill using my experience to assist where possible. I see my role on the Parish Council as an opportunity to assist the community even further.

I am often involved with local councils with regards to planning in my day job as Partner of a Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy firm, based in Ipswich. Over the last 30+ years in the construction industry, I have worked for Local Authorities, major house builders, and many Consultancies. My work involves leading teams in Ipswich, Cambridge, Chelmsford, and work closely with other Directors in London, Bristol and Birmingham offices. I have worked on many varied projects in the UK and overseas for education, MoD, hospitals, industrial, commercial, retail, hotels, ecclesiastical, private and social housing, and private individuals.

A lot of time is spent at work, but at home spare time is spent working on improvements to, and maintaining, Home Farm, which is an ongoing project, and is being gradually transformed from the property we originally moved into. Outside of work we try to get to the Burston Crown regularly, and I often attend clay pigeon shoots in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk whenever possible.

Telephone: 07793 041577

Councillor: Lindsey Bilston
Piers and I moved to Burston in 1980 and have always loved living here. I have taught in local schools and now I am retired, I can enjoy walking the local footpaths and cycling the local lanes. I have more time to help with community events and projects and hope by serving on the Parish Council, I can get more of a feel for what is best for all in our villages, so that I can help them continue to be great places to live in.

Telephone: 07713 944509

Tom Grieve Councillor: Tom Grieve
I and my wife JoJo moved to Shimpling 6 years ago and now have two sons Barnaby (6) and Toby (4). Barnaby is at Burston School and Toby is currently at Gissing pre-school but will start at Burston in September.

I was brought up in Suffolk near Framlingham, went to university in Leeds then lived in London for 8 years before moving back to East Anglia and a job in Norwich - which is way we looked to live in this area. My day job now is as an insurance broker, based in Long Melford, specialising in Farms and Estates.

I love the East Anglia countryside and spend holidays at the coast in Aldeburgh / creating our garden at home in Shimpling / or walking the lanes around our villages with the family and our Jack Russell terrier called "Pebble". I think we live in a beautiful part of the country and if we want to keep it like this with a thriving community we need to stand up and play an active role in doing this. I thought that the Jubilee celebrations last year were great particularly the house decorating competition and the evening BBQ at Shimpling church and I would like to see more village events like this. I look forward to joining you on the council and hope that I can help you continue to make Burston and Shimpling a great place to live.

Telephone: 01379 741166

Christine Stevens Councillor: Christine Stevens
Born in Shimpling, I moved to Burston in 1961 and have lived here ever since, apart from a brief spell shortly after I married when I moved to Diss. My parents and grandparents all lived in Burston or Shimpling. My grandfather was publican at the Crown from 1916 to 1925 when he relocated to Shimpling Eagle and Child. My husband is local, his parents and grandparents all lived in Burston. It's therefore with good reason that I call myself 'born & bred'. The village primary school is where my early education was achieved and I was fortunate enough to move on to Diss Grammar school. During my years in the village I have held the title of president of the Women's Institute and captain of the Bowls Club, amenities that unfortunately no longer exist. They belong to an era when I felt a great sense of community spirit in the village - something that my new role as a parish councillor may help me to restore.

Telephone: 01379 740505

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