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Burston and Shimpling Parish Council

On behalf of the Parish Council, I'd like to welcome you to The Parish Planet online. Our website is intended as a community resource to provide news and information for residents and visitors to Burston and Shimpling - our bit of South Norfolk, and our bit of the Planet.
Nigel Frankland, Chairman

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Why The "Parish Planet"?
Burston and Shimpling were formed into one Parish for the purpose of local government, although geographically they are divided by the railway line, which cuts almost exactly between the two villages. The Parish is our bit of the Planet, the bit we can most directly effect. As Jane Goodall, the environmentalist said: "We cannot solve all the problems of the world, but we can often do something about the problems under our noses."

What is the Parish Council?
Parish and Town Councils are the local level of government in the England. They are independent bodies and have responsibility for:

  • Representing all residents in the parish.

  • Running local services that max include: allotments, cemeteries, community buildings, recreation and play areas, seating, bus shelters, litter bins and local transport schemes.

  • Commenting on planning applications and long-term development issues.

  • Collecting money for their budget through the'precept' as part of council tax. Each parish council has the power to set it's own budget according to their plans for the year and therefore can decide what the precept level should be to provide the required funding.

  • And also have wide-ranging powers to become involved in further activities that contribute towards the improvement of the environment and quality of life in the parish.

Who are the Parish Councillors?
All parish councillors are local residents who have volunteered; they have then either been elected by the public or the parish council; they are unpaid and serve a four year term. The parish clerk is a paid position that deals with the parish council's administration. You can read more about our councillors here.

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